Betül Bora - Photographer


Betul Bora, born in Lüleburgaz - a sweet little town near Istanbul, has studied sociology at college and when ended, she felt like she knew all about the society but none about herself and started looking for her true calling early in her years.

She first started taking photos at her tiny apartment located on the ninth floor where she lived with her husband and her fuzzy stray cat, Mio. Using the very limited resources at hand, she developed a concept called #moodofmytable while creating flat-lay beauties and turned her hobby into an ever-growing Instagram account named @dokuzuncukat.

With her hashtag getting quite popular with more than 20K photos from users around the world and her account got suggested by Instagram itself twice, she received the long-awaited sign from the universe to fully commit and turn herself into a successful photographer.

From that moment on a cup of coffee, a branch, a flower, a book, and pretty much everything else had become her daily inspiration to keep her going and she completed several certifications in food photography and prop styling.

Today she works as a freelance photographer and a visual content creator, collaborating with global and local brands and aiding their visual content needs.

Feel free to check out her Portfolio here or use Contact to drop a line.

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